General Trading Terms

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General Trading Terms

November 29, 2010 - 20:44

"The small print” ... please read

These terms apply solely to services provided by X-Ray Mag and its publisher AquaScope Media ApS, Ahornsgade 6, Copenhagen 2200, Denmark -- company/tax/VAT registration number DK-30698223

Content creation services or other works provided by other collaborative partners are governed by their own respective trading terms.

Workflows and document trails

The following documents will be issued from our our accounting software e-conomic (i.e. Thus these communications will appear to come from "AquaScope Media ApS - X-Ray Magazine". Please add this domain to your whitelist. As this third-party system logs all communications including delivery receipts it also serves as documentation that our communications has been received.

  1. Quote/Proposal
  2. Confirmation of Order
  3. Invoice
  4. Account Statements
  5. Reminders

What constitutes a contractual agreement?

As the services to be rendered and terms is already described in detail on a Quote/proposal or Confirmation of Order with possible attachments, the Confirmation of Order also constitutes the contractual agreement between our parties in conjunction with these general terms.

So in lieu of having to also sign, scan and email an accepted proposal or confirmations back to us, we consider it an acceptance if you:

  • State by email that you accept a received quote or proposal.
  • Do not contest a Confirmation of Order

Reservations and Deadlines

All customers must make a reservation to place an ad by the appropriate deadline. These are stated on the Confirmation of Order or Invoice and listed on

An accepted or non-contested Confirmation of Order constitutes a reservation.

Completed artwork and materials must then be received by the copy deadline.

In case of late delivery, X-RAY MAG reserves the right to utilize the allocated space for other purposes. All charges will still apply and no refunds will be given.

Confirmations of Order and Invoices state payment information and pay by latest date, which is usually 10 days after publication for companies billable within the European Union (EU).

For clients residing outside the European Union payment is due at the stated reservation deadline prior to publication.

A final invoice (receipt) for your ad will be sent to you upon publication.

X-RAY MAG and its affiliates are not responsible for lost or damaged materials, late deliveries or loss or damages resulting from electronic transfer or communications.


Discounts in the package deal are based on the number of issues in which you advertise in a 6 or 12-month period. Insertion breaks for ads booked 'a la carte' are earned at four-time and eight-time levels.

Frequency rates are allowed in advance only with signed contracts listing specific issues and received by the first closing date. Otherwise, frequency rates are allowed as earned.

All-inclusive packages,” “campaign packages" and other non-prepaid subscription-based advertising packages will automatically be extended at the end of the initial contract period unless otherwise cancelled no later than 40 days before end of period. Receipt of cancellation notice must be confirmed by X-RAY MAG / AquaScope Media


Cancellations must be made in writing no later than 21 days before the next stated reservation date.

Advertisers who cancel their contract before it is complete will be short-rated at the rate earned and will be responsible for incurred costs.

Note “All-inclusive packages,” campaign package deals, discounted offers and other non-prepaid subscription-based advertising packages are offered at discounted rates because they are binding and cannot be cancelled early.


Invoices are usually rendered in the month preceding publication. New advertisers must pay in full for initial ad with order.

Deposits & Prepayment

For first time customers, we ask for a 40% deposit, which is due by re­servation. For customers residing outside the European Union, prepayment is always required.

No Checks Please

We cannot cash them and the world has long since gone digital.

All payments can be subject to the bank’s enquiries according to Danish and International anti-money laundering and anti-terror finance regulations and the customer may be required to provide proof of identity.

Late fees and interest

Finance charges for invoices outstanding beyond 30 days: €30 / US$40 plus 2% per month of outstanding amount. Please note that in case of late payments, any discounts will also be annulled.

File Format

X-Ray Mag accepts only electronic files. Pdfs are required for magazine ads, jpgs or gifs for banner ads as pr published specs.

Repeat Orders

When space is contracted for and no copy instructions are received by the closing date, previous copy will be repeated.

It is also presumed that orders are for insertion for the first coming issue unless otherwise specified.

Put It In Writing

Any verbal instructions regarding contracts, insertion orders or changes to copy must be confirmed in writing.


Positioning of ads is at the discretion of the Publisher unless requested placement is ordered and confirmed in writing.

Rate Changes

Announcements of any rate changes will be made at least 60 days in advance of the closing date of the first issue affected.


Advertising agencies will receive a 15 percent commission if complete digital files and acceptable proofs are supplied according to our digital specs and provided payment is made in a single transfer. If additional charges are incurred, the advertiser will be contacted before work is completed.

Advertiser and advertising agencies sending in files that are not compliant to the supplied file specifications forfeit their commission. Commissions are not paid on production charges.

Ad Content

X-Ray Mag reserves the right to reject any advertisement deemed unsuitable.

Publisher Liability

Conditions appearing on the contract, order or copy that conflict with the Publisher’s policies will not be binding on the Publisher.

The Publisher’s liability for any error will not exceed the cost of the space. The Publisher assumes no liability for errors in key numbers, nor if for any reason it becomes necessary to omit an advertisement.

Intellectual property rights

Unless otherwise agreed, intellectual property rights in materials prepared by AquaScope Media ApS belong to AquaScope Media ApS.


As Aquascope Media ApS doesn’t process data relating to a private person the GPDR-regulation is not applicable to AquaScope Media ApS’ standard agreement. However, in the case of personal data is processed the terms in the Danish and EU-regulation on personal data protection (GPDR) is applicable. All collected data is within the legal limits for the purpose of fulfilling an agreement given to AquaScope Media ApS as an requirement of such an agreement and consentual. Data responsible officer is Peter Symes - contactinfo

Governing Law and jurisdiction

Any dispute relating to AquaScope Media ApS' works and products will be settled in accordance with Danish law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Danish courts and with The Court of Copenhagen as it first venue.


These terms are valid from 5 Oct 2019 until further notice. X-Ray Mag reserves the right to revise these terms at any given time.