Apeks Long Hose Retainer

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Apeks Long Hose Retainer

October 14, 2018 - 12:04
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John Zumrick coined the term "Hogarthian" to describe a streamlined set of advanced diving equipment, rigged in a certain way.

This equipment configuration requires, amongst other things, that the diver uses a long hose for their primary reg.

If you jump onto any forum you will soon see that there are huge debates as to which cylinder the long hose first stage should be connected to. Most divers favour the right hand shoulder because the valve cannot be "rolled off" in an overhead environment. It is quite possible that in a very tight squeeze that the left hand cylinder can be turned off because the valve is inched off when it comes into contact with the ceiling.

When you dive a Hogarthian configuration the long hose crosses the body from the right hand hip to the left hand shoulder. It is then looped around the head. There is one small problem. The hose can end up flapping about if it is not secured.

One way to secure it is to tuck it under a light canister battery on the right hand hip. However there are times that a diver might not want to dive with a light canister, ie a dive in very bright, clear open water. It may also be that the diver does not have a lighting system because hand lights now have some quite respectable burn times and are small enough to nicely dive on the back of a hand.

There are two other options for controlling a long hose. The diver can push the excess hose into their waist harness or they can use a hose retainer.

Apeks manufacturers a Delrin hose retainer that can be slid onto any standard 2" webbing. It weights 60 g / 2.11 oz and is 150mm / 5.9 inches long and 20mm / .7 inch wide. The idea is that the diver loops their long hose under this retainer to help control the long hose.

It can be dived with both single and twin / double tank configurations and Apeks state it is "both sleek and durable."

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