Buddy Dive Bonaire Presents Boat Dive Mania

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Buddy Dive Bonaire Presents Boat Dive Mania

February 28, 2020 - 01:22
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Press Release

Even though Bonaire is known for shore diving it also has a lot to offer for the ones who love boat diving. There are only a few dive sites that you cannot reach from shore but if you visit Bonaire you don’t want to miss those.

Of course, there are the 26 dive sites on Klein Bonaire that you absolutely cannot skip when you are diving on Bonaire. The small uninhabited island in front of the West coast of Bonaire is a must see when you visit Bonaire. While on land there is not much to see, as soon as you go below the surface you won’t believe your eyes. Since nobody lives on the island and the people who visit are there for snorkeling or sunbathing, the reef is untouched and full of live.

All around the island you can find a gorgeous sloping reef with a wide range of hard and soft corals. Hiding between the corals you can find so many sea creatures. From shrimps, slugs and blennies to seahorses, frogfish and rays. Don’t forget to look up and in the blue. Klein Bonaire is nesting ground for turtles so it is not uncommon to spot one.

Besides Klein Bonaire there are a few dive sites on the main island that you cannot reach from shore. For example, the dive sites Rappel, Bloodlet and Country garden on the North side of the island are situated along a steep cliff but are sites you don’t want to miss because of their special topography and gorgeous reef.

Would you like to give it a try? Come to Buddy Dive Resort in August and book our Boat Dive Mania Special! Besides the 6 boat dives that are already in your package, you get 6 boat dives for FREE!

Of course, this package also includes unlimited air or nitrox so you will not have to miss out on shore diving. Sounds good right?

Take a look at: www.BuddyDive.com/specials for more information and bookings.