Deepest-diving Tourist Submarines Unveiled

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Deepest-diving Tourist Submarines Unveiled

April 25, 2016 - 20:04
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Two models capable of descending 1,140 metres

U- Boat Worx Cruise Sub

Cruise holidays are about to become far deeper experiences thanks to a new range of private submarines that can take travelers on tours to the ocean depths. Netherlands-based submersible manufacturer U-Boat Worx has launched a trio of new submarines designed for cruise ships and tourism, carrying up to five, seven or nine people per dive. Two of them, the Cruise Sub 5 and 7, are capable of descending to 1,140 metres, making them the deepest-diving tourist submersibles ever built.

“Our operations on cruise ships inspired the development of the Cruise Sub series” said U-Boat Worx Founder and Chairman Bert Houtman. “Whether the operator focusses on exclusive deep sea exploration in remote destinations or on doing numerous subsea excursions on coral reefs, the Cruise Subs are optimized for maximizing the guest experience”, he added.

Traditional tourist submersibles have small windows and passenger seating similar to a bus. The new Cruise Sub series feature two large acrylic spheres that place everyone on the front row regardless of the direction the submersible is travelling. The interior features leather seats, a bespoke audio system and air conditioning. The driver sits within the cylindrical pressure hull in the middle with the interior seating able to rotate, enabling all passengers an unobstructed view. Potential buyers might want to start saving their pennies; pricing for the five-seat Cruise Sub starts at US$2,886,224.

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