Divesangha Turtle Shopping Bag

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Divesangha Turtle Shopping Bag

January 11, 2018 - 14:11
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When Divesangha launched in Spring 2014, they made a commitment.

Divesangha Turtle Shopping Bag

To locally and ethically manufacturer high quality products and not use plastic in their packaging. It is therefore logical that Divesangha has now launched a unique robust reusable bag to help wean everyone off one-time-use plastic carrier bags.

This lightweight, sturdy, fashionable 'Turtle' bag neatly packs down into an integrated pouch allowing you to stash in a coat pocket, rucksack, handbag, glove box or laptop bag. When you reach the checkout till, simply pull it out and fill it up.

The 100% white Polyester fabric is washable. This is important because one of the criticisms that the plastic bag addicts state is that a re-usable non plastic bag could potentially end up non-hygienic after many uses. (Our grandparents never used to worry about this?!) No issue here. Just put it in the washing machine!

Whilst the practical Divesangha Turtle Bag is about the same size as an average carrier bag, it far outperforms its littering cousin. This stylish baby is constructed to conveniently handle much more weight.

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