Find the golden pebble to win an O'Three Drysuit

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Find the golden pebble to win an O'Three Drysuit

August 01, 2018 - 13:34
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O'Three, an English drysuit manufacturer, is hosting a treasure hunt this weekend in Dorset.

Ryan, Tom and Josh of O'Three Drysuits

are based just off Chesil Beach in the seaside resort of Portland and Weymouth.

Chesil Beach has a fascinating history - early prototypes of Barnes Wallis' bouncing bomb were dropped and tested here.

This iconic beach is some 16 miles long and a great place to dive. It is an interesting shore entry in that you have to climb down a steep pebble slope to the sea.

There is plenty of life to see if you fancy a gentle bimble. Marine life includes Lightbulb Seasquirts, Spider Crabs, Cuttle Fish and Plaice.

"Chesil Beach is the perfect place for a first UK sea dive because the shore gently shelves away," stated Marcus Darler of O'Three. "This means that you can pick your depth. My first sea dive was off Chesil in 1982 and I still love diving these waters and watching John Dory fish."

Darler is not the only diver to take their first fin steps at Chesil Beach. In 1969 Paul Rose, TV presenter and explorer, did his first dive at Chesil.

My top dive ever is Chesil Beach. Paul Rose

"Diving defines me. The most important thing I have ever done was that first dive at Chesil Beach and I attribute any success I have had in life to my becoming a diver as it gave me an essential focus at an important time as a young man. And I still count on that today." Paul Rose

Treasure Hunt

"We thought it would be a great idea to hold a treasure hunt this weekend to introduce divers who have never dived Chesil before," stated Marcus Darler. "We are going to be hiding nine red pebbles and one gold pebble in the sea off Chesil Beach (close to O'Three HQ) and divers are welcome to look for them from this Saturday. If you find a coloured pebble bring it in to us and we will exchange it for a prize. Goodies up for grabs include wetsuits, hoods, boots, gloves, caps and towels, and a brand new O'Three MSF500tb Flex Grey Drysuit (worth £950) if you find the golden pebble!"

This weekend - Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 August - O'Three are holding their summer social sale. Divers are most welcome to pop in after a dive to have a beer and check out O'Three's latest collection and collect a bottle of free Jollop.