Free Underwater Photo Presentation on Zoom

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Free Underwater Photo Presentation on Zoom

May 24, 2020 - 17:18
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In a free Zoom presentation on 27 May 2020 at 7:30PM EST, New York underwater photographers Olga Torrey and Larry Cohen will cover key techniques used in photographing various subjects in the underwater environment—not only reef fish, but how to shoot under piers, on shipwrecks and in underwater caves. The team will share images taken in locations around the world—from the warm blue waters of the Caribbean and the Red Sea to the cold, crystal-clear, green waters of Alaska and British Columbia.

Join the Take Your Photography Underwater presentation on Zoom with Olga Torrey and Larry Cohen.


While observing stay-at-home quarantine orders during the pandemic, why not use your time to recreate one of your own underwater photos from your image archives, using found objects at home, or what you can shoot looking outside your window? The five best shots will be shared on our website. Here are some tips:

Match the colors. Find objects at home that have similar colors as your underwater image and arrange them in a similar way as they are composed in your underwater image.

Match the shapes and lines. Arrange objects from home to mimic the lines and shapes found in your underwater image.

Think outside the box. Try an abstract rather than literal representation. Go macro and get close in on a subject. Try using unsual elements. There may be old, unused dry goods in your pantry that may come in handy. Who knows? Your composition might be edible after the photo shoot.

Take a look at the lighting. Use creative lighting techniques, homemade snoots, and other lighting fixtures and filters found in your home to recreate the lighting found in your underwater image.

Mix it up. Do several and pick the best one. The more attempts, the better chance for a great image.

Photography tips. Use your camera, smartphone or flatbed scanner to capture the image. If you do not have a tripod, steady your shot with a homemade tripod made out of objects found in your home. If you are in the shot, you can use a remote shutter release device, the timer on your camera or have a household member take the shot. Try taking different exposures and angles of the same composition.

Share it with the world. Post both your original underwater shot and your new homemade shot on Twitter or Instagram at: . Or send them through our Facebook page: .

Captions. Tell us briefly the story behind your images, where they were shot and what objects you used in your homemade image.

Please keep your images family-friendly and mind the social media’s policies for posting. Most of all, have fun!

New Yorkers Torrey and Cohen have done many presentations at the B&H Photo Event Space about underwater photography and their adventures. In the past, these talks at the store were held during business hours. Since the store on 34th Street in New York City is closed because of current restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic (one can still order online or over the phone), the team will be presenting “Take Your Photography Underwater” on Zoom. The presentation is on May 27th at 7:30PM EST.

Please register and join the fun

Torrey and Cohen say, "If we cannot go diving, we might as well talk and read about it!"

Go to:


More and more people want to bring their cameras into the water. Some just want snapshots in the family pool while others want to document the underwater world for magazines, books and the internet. Join underwater photographers Cohen and Torrey for a virtual webinar about the use of cameras and lights underwater. They will go over simple point-and-shoot systems to very sophisticated systems for DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

This introduction will answer many questions about how to achieve great underwater shots. Super useful for those who are casual vacationers or seasoned scuba enthusiasts, desiring to document their escapades beneath the sea. Cohen and Torrey are well-known experts, and this is your chance to learn about housings, cameras, strobes and all the gear needed to lay a foundation for underwater photography.

For more information, please visit Larry Cohen's website at: and Olga Torrey's website at: .

Click on the link below to read their latest article in X-Ray Mag:

Or download the full article with images:

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