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Grab your free 'Mike Scott' novel now!

January 03, 2020 - 13:56

Fans of the 'Mike Scott' scuba diving thrillers will be pleased to hear that author Eric Douglas has kicked off the New Year by releasing a prequel Mike Scott thriller short story.

Mike Scott is an international photojournalist who finds sun, sand and scuba diving adventures around the world. Whilst he is not a Government or Federal Agent, he does seem to be a bit of a James Bond.

In this prequel Mike Scott is a young photopro working on Grand Cayman when a reporter turns up dead. Mike met the man the night before and decides to finish the man's story, putting him and his best friend Kelly up against the drug cartel.

There is a recurring theme in every Mike Scott novel - he talks about working on Grand Cayman before returning to the world and becoming a photojournalist. This is the story of what happened to make Mike leave Grand Cayman.

Mike Scott Thrillers

Eric Douglas has confirmed that he is releasing the 'Back to the Beginning' prequel free of charge until 31st January 2020. Simply click on the relevant link below.

Mike Scott Thrillers

To date Eric Douglas has written ten Mike Scott Novels.

  • Water Crisis: Day Zero
  • Turks and Chaos: Hostile Waters
  • The 3rd Key: Sharks In The Water
  • Oil and Water: Crash in Curacao
  • Return to Cayman: Paradise Held Hostage
  • Heart of the Maya: Murder for the Gods
  • Wreck of the Huron: Cuban Secrets
  • Guardians' Keep: Mystery below the Adriatic
  • Flooding Hollywood: Fanatics at the Dam
  • Cayman Cowboys: Reefs Under Pressure
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