H2Odyssey TORID Pulse

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H2Odyssey TORID Pulse

July 15, 2016 - 15:31
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H2Odyssey state their TORID Pulse is "a unique signalling device". Personally I think it is better described as "a pool toy for someone who has likes playing with gadgets".

H2Odyssey Torid Pulse

In a nutshell, this patented handheld device uses compressed gas to produce perfect air rings. The idea is that you simply 'tag' your buddy with these air rings to attract their attention in low visibility. Alternatively you can point it skywards and blast water 4.6 mt / 15 ft into the air, thereby making it easier for the dive boat to spot your location.

Back in the real world of diving, the combination of the limited depth range (18.3 mt / 60 ft) and the size and weight (at least 1.36 kg / 3 lb) makes the bulky TORID Pulse an unattractive signalling device. When divers are doing everything they can to streamline their profile, carrying this is counterintuitive.

However one should not instantly dismiss the TORID Pulse. For divers that extensively work with children, ie running pool parties, this gadget looks to be a bit of a winner. To produce a perfect bubble ring, simply direct the device and pull the trigger. Bubbles can blown vertically or horizontally through the water. And you have the ability to adjust the frequency and size. From fine-and-fast to large-and-slow. Then simply add children, an active imagination and water and let the games commence.

H2Odyssey manufacturer their TORID Pulse from "durable corrosion resistant materials". The aluminium body is chrome cast. Apparently this device is easy to disassemble for servicing and maintenance and has a limited 12-month warranty.

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