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October 24, 2013 - 00:00
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Many divers mourned the passing the Oceanic Omega *unhanded demand valve. Hollis have filled this gap with the launch of their high-performance DC7 500SE regulator.

The Hollis DC7 500SE regulator is environmentally sealed, and can be dived with up to EANx40 (enriched air nitrox) straight from the box.

The first stage on this regulator has been stripped down to reduce size and weight without compromising performance. We have been advised that the gas delivery is superior. This is thanks to an over-balanced first stage combined with a dynamic intermediate pressure, that increases with depth. The DC7 DIN first stage has 2 High Pressure and 4 Low Pressure Ports. These are optimally angled to encourage advantageous hose routing for technical and sidemount diving.

The second stage has a pneumatically balanced servo-valve, that allows you to ‘sip’ gas from the mouthpiece. Whether you have a large and immediate hunger for gas, or just need the lightest breath, this reg will deliver exactly what you demand. Potential jaw fatigue has been accounted for by utilizing a MaxFlex lightweight braided hose and fitting an orthodontic mouthpiece. Apparently this encourages better bite control.

*Unhanded – the regulator / second stage can be put into your mouth with the exhaust valve facing either the left or right hand side. Most regulators are ‘handed’, i.e. there is only one way you can put a handed regulator into your mouth, because the exhaust valve is at the bottom.

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