Introducing Special Discounts - In Solitude. Together.

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Introducing Special Discounts - In Solitude. Together.

July 16, 2020 - 20:37
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Press Release

"What is “In Solitude. Together”?
It is a representation of these trying times; the solidarity forced upon us due to these times of COVID-19, and a reminder of how together we can surmount this challenge.

Our priority and most valuable asset has always been our staff and endeavour since the news of the pandemic has been to look after our staff and their families first and foremost; that is why all deposits we receive now for future bookings go towards our team.

Through our promotion’s check-in dates being valid for an indefinite period of time, in addition to a revised rebooking policy, and our new procedures and protocols we hope to generate confidence in guests and ultimately give our staff hope in the prospect of work again.

All information pertaining to the promotion and our terms and conditions, rebooking policies, etc are found on our website: