LOT International Cave Diving Congress - September 25-26-27, 2015

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LOT International Cave Diving Congress - September 25-26-27, 2015

September 09, 2015 - 01:50
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Press Release

The aim of the congress is to encourage and facilitate the possibility for cave divers from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities to meet up and exchange their experiences and technics.


Cave diving is a small, small world apart, inhabited by strange beings who descend, equipped with a huge amount of equipment, into the bowels of the earth to dive.

The cave divers are certainly the most advanced divers in terms oftechnology, equipment and safety procedures.

Their experience is rich and instructive. They were the first introducing gas mixtures in their dives and were also among the first to test diving with rebreathers.

It’s a small, small world, but a world that moves a lot: scientific studies, innovation in technical equipment, use of revolutionary processes, etc …

Do not forget that in the 1970s, cave divers were regularly diving down -60 to -70 meters. To date we flirt with the -250 meters.

Every one in this small, small world is actively involved: which is proven by the growing number of cave diving expeditions in France and throughout the world. The congress will enable all fans of cave diving to explore the technics of this « out of the ordinary » activity.

We will bring together a large number of very well-known underwater explorers, so that all can benefit from their experience.

The congress intends to bring together divers from «the 7th continent».

During the first congress, which was held in Bourg-Saint-Andéol over 200 divers were present. Attendance has been increasing over the last 4 congresses.

Speakers and attendants came from various countries (Germany, England, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Canada, Poland).

Many exhibitors were able to show their innovations and also take advantage of a direct contact with their customers.

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