Miflex XT-TECH Technical Diving Hoses

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Miflex XT-TECH Technical Diving Hoses

February 19, 2018 - 21:16
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Miflex introduced the diving world to braided hoses in early 2007. Since then the brand name 'Miflex' has become synonymous with this style of hose, in much the same way that a permanent marker is regularly called a 'Sharpie'.

The XT-Tech series of medium pressure flexible scuba diving hoses, have been developed with the main purpose to offer technical divers additional safety with Kevlar reinforcement in the inner braiding, combined with a smooth outer PU layer.

Now Miflex has launched what could best be termed as a hybrid hose. It behaves like a rubber hose - it is not positively buoyant - yet it is lighter and more flexible than a rubber hose.

The 'XT-Tech' hose has been specifically developed for the technical diving market, and in particular those who dive a Hogarthian setup. In this style of diving, the diver loops a long hose around their neck. The divers therefore asked Miflex to develop a smooth outer layer (thermoplastic) that is kinder on the neck, ie it doesn't rub. In addition the divers wanted the inner Polyester braiding reinforced with kevlar.

At times I dive Hogarthian and I found on occasion that my long Miflex hose could create a bit of a halo. The new XT-Tech hose should stay in place.

Like all Miflex diving hoses, the XT-Tech series hose has a polyether based PU thermoplastic inner liner, and the fittings are made of sea water resistant electroless nickel plated brass.

This new range is initially available in one colour and a limited range of lengths for regulators and inflators.

A genuine Miflex

When any successful product is launched, there will always be a spate of "me too" pseudo copies, be it handbags or diving hoses.

Although it may seem that all braided hoses look alike, Miflex mark their hoses so that you can see it is a genuine Miflex product - they put their name on each metal hose fitting. If there is no name on the fitting, it it not a Miflex hose.

Miflex comply with an equipment standard (EN250). This states that the manufacturers name must be on the the product, what the working pressure of the hose is, and the standards it is manufactured to.

Hose Care

We automatically expect that our O rings, seats, filters and diaphragms need replacing in our regulators, however this thought process doesn't always apply with hoses. No matter how much we would wish it, hoses do not last forever. It is therefore recommended that you replace your hose(s) every 500 dives or every five years (which ever comes first) or where there is clear abrasion or the hose has spent extended periods in the tropical sun. If you have a very good service technician they will always check your hoses when you put your regulator in for service, and they will either replace, or recommend when your hose(s) need replacing.