Narked at 90 Petrel Custom Coloured Bezel

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Narked at 90 Petrel Custom Coloured Bezel

November 05, 2019 - 17:19
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Owners of a Shearwater Research Petrel can now physically personalise their computer.

Bronze cover

The British manufacturer (who incidentally distribute Shearwater in the UK) have launched a custom coloured bezel. Although you can already personalise the start up 'splash screen' with your name or an image, it is still quite possible to pick up someone else's computer when you are distracted, hence this looks as though it could be a handy "this is mine" identifier. (Shearwater computers are a popular choice for many advanced and technical divers, and if you've not individually marked your computer - I have threaded a Dive Rite line cutter onto my Petrel straps - they all look the same).

The solid Titanium bezel is coloured at Narked's Northampton workshop using a laser to carefully manipulate the surface to change its colour. This is quite a long process and the result is a classy colour and more glossy look than the original Titanium bezel.

I'd noticed that some divers want something more than dully grey. These colours are a lot more cheerful. John Routley, Narked at 90

Although Narked states there are four colours - Gunmetal, Bronze, Rainbow and Shimmer - it is probably more accurate to say there are three colours and an effect. 'Shimmer' tends to come in a range of colours varying through blues to yellows and greens. Therefore the final shimmer result is unique.

How to order

Purchase a 'custom coloured bezel upgrade'. Narked at 90 will then send you shipping details. Please do not ship your computer to Northampton, England until Narked contacts you. The price includes a custom bezel, fitting and pressure testing.

Key Features

  • Four colours: Gunmetal, Bronze, Rainbow, Shimmer
  • Solid Titanium bezel
  • Only custom upgrade that will not void the Shearwater warranty

A more protected Petrel

At present the Polycarbonate screen is quite robust and can take a knock. However some divers have been known to torque down the screws that hold the screen in place and this can compress the screen. The screen can then crack or micro cracks can develop around the screw holes. The polycarbonate screen is also predisposed to chemical damage. Narked at 90 states that the method of fitting the Titanium screen does not rely on the screw holes, therefore the screen cannot be squashed, giving it better longevity. Plus it's also not susceptible to oil and diesel.

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