Nudibranchs of the Coral Triangle

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Nudibranchs of the Coral Triangle

May 04, 2019 - 13:26
Andrey Ryanskiy and Yury Ivanov

Authors: Andrey Ryanskiy, Yury Ivanov
Series: Critter academy
Publisher: Andrey Ryanskiy
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback, eBook, iBook, PDF
Pages: 146
ISBN: 5604204919

Who isn’t taken in by nudibranchs, these often psychedelically-coloured creatures with all their weirdly-shaped appendages sticking out like intricate antennae? In some hot spots, there always seem to be yet weirder and fancier, decorated specimens, moving slowly across the substrate, seemingly without a worry in the world. There are so many, and currently, about 3,000 species are known, from all parts of the world. It is therefore no mean feat that this new guidebook or identification guides has managed to cram in descriptions, with images, of more than a thousand species, which can be found in the Coral Triangle—the waters of Southeast Asia, which boasts the highest biodiversity in the world.

The book is intended to be a field guide for use by divers, such as underwater photographers, who would both want and need to identify their subjects. Even the printed version of the book, which is also offered as an ebook, is light enough to bring on a trip.

Each entry lists common name, Latin name, family, geographic distribution, size and the most distinctive features. A comprehensive photographic index at the beginning of the book will guide the reader through the taxonomy and to the right group of nudibranchs, providing a great aid in identifying the species—a task which otherwise can feel daunting. Being an identification guide, it is not the type of book you will sit down and read through in your armchair with a cup of tea. Rather, it is a specific reference tool with specific uses, but a very well-crafted one for its intended purposes

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