Scuba equipment stolen from Brit club Hartford Sub-Aqua Club

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Scuba equipment stolen from Brit club Hartford Sub-Aqua Club

January 27, 2018 - 15:46
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Hartford Sub-Aqua Club in Northwich, Cheshire, England had their equipment store broken into at the start of 2018.

The store wasn't easy to get into, but the criminals used industrial tools in what was clearly a carefully planned raid by someone who knew what they were looking for.

Items taken include drysuits, regulators, BCD’s, radio and GPS, batteries and chargers, small outboard engine, their O2 kit, gas test kit, and resus Annie. Most of the stolen kit is marked as belonging to HSAC.

Since the break-in there have been of a number of other thefts in the North West of England targeting scuba gear, again having the hallmarks of someone who knew what they were looking for.

Be on your guard. Make sure your kit is securely stored and monitored. Ensure that you put identifying marks (visible and/or invisible) on all your diving kit.

"This robbery is a huge blow to HSAC, and we want others to be alert and not have to go through what we are going through at the moment. Fortunately, we have a great community here in the North West and have had offers of help from many local clubs." Kim Warham - .

Contact Details

Hartford Scuba Club Secretary - can be contacted on + 44 (0)7837 - 877 956. The police incident number is Northwich Police 326.

Stolen Equipment

  • ScubaPro Mk2+ 511108057, 2nd R290 0511108057, Octo R290 05014166, Console Apeks X2
  • Scubapro Mk2+ 511108058, 2nd: R290 0511108058, Octo: R290 0510500401, Console: Suunto X2
  • Scubapro Mk2+ 511108060 + R290 0511108060 + R290 0510500366 + Suunto X2
  • Scubapro MK2, + main + octo, unknown serial numbers
  • Scubapro MK18 + main + Octo + contents gauge + drysuit hose feed, unknown serial numbers + reg bag
  • Komiya Kitagawa air test kit in blue case: regulator, timer, tip cutter, and tubes
  • DAN O2 kit (tank, regulator, mask + 2 X face masks)
  • Green Pelikan case for O2 kit
  • Cobra Handheld Radio MR HH125 Serial No R541007218
  • Dry bag for handheld radio
  • Garmin eTrex 10 handheld GPS ID 3877005137
  • Moby green drysuit
  • Red and black AZ drysuit
  • 2 x Undersuits (no details)
  • Resuscitation practice dummy (Annie) in soft carry case
  • Recuscitation face shield mask, with O2 inlet and filter
  • Training First Aid kit
  • Batteries and chargers for RIB electronics
  • 1991 Suzuki DT25 outboard engine serial number 02507131438, grey
  • Stainless Steel Dive Rite backplate
  • Dive Rite twin set harness
  • Small Mares BCD
  • Buddy Commando 3 Medium BCD