SeaLantern StingRay Coral LED Fluorescent Torch

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SeaLantern StingRay Coral LED Fluorescent Torch

April 06, 2014 - 14:24
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Australian based SeaLantern has launched the StingRay Coral, a solid-state fluorescent torch. For those of you unfamiliar with the term 'solid-state', it advises that the electronics are built entirely from solid materials.

There are no moving parts or bulbs to break, thereby eliminating several points of failure. SeaLantern has also fitted a solid-state switch, hence there are no o-rings, rotating rings, sliding switches or sealing boots to fail or invariably catch a few grains of sand and then flood. SeaLantern state that by ultising solid-state technology, the result should be a reliable and robust light source that has a long life span.

The StingRay Coral comes with Cree XM-L2 LEDS that are bright and efficient. The body is manufactured from a double hard anodized marine grade aluminium alloy, with a lantern style handle. This torch is rated to 100 metres / 328 feet.

Fluo diving gives us a fresh experience, especially on a night dive. The StingRay Coral has 3740 watts of fluorescent lighting power that will bring out colours not visible under normal lighting conditions. Corals light up and fluoresce in a whole new way. If I had to describe fluro diving to someone who had not done it before, I'd compare it to watching a film and then watching the 3D version of the same film. You see different detail and it really enhances the experience. Divers have the choice of running fluorescent blue LEDS, white LEDS, or both at the same time for an extreme light output. SeaLantern state the 6° tight beam has extreme distance penetration due to the blue wavelengths. This appears to be a beautifully engineered torch. Just as well because it comes with a high price tag.

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