SNSI Launches New Customer Acquisition APP GoScuba

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SNSI Launches New Customer Acquisition APP GoScuba

November 16, 2014 - 23:28

Press Release

The GoScuba App consists of the complete academic portion of the SNSI Open Water Diver Program.

SNSI has announced the launching of its new “Stand Alone” SNSI Open Water Diver App, “GoScuba”. Stand Alone meaning that it is available through App stores and not tied to any proprietary web sites, thus making it available to the millions of people that visit the Apple and Google App stores daily.

The SNSI “GoScuba” App is revolutionary to our industry says CEO Fulvia Lami, because it is the first industry App to offer a truly free of charge opportunity to begin the Open Water Diver Course by simply downloading the SNSI “GoScuba” App on their device from their favorite App store. The “GoScuba” App consists of the complete academic portion of the SNSI Open Water Diver Program, as well as all of the corresponding video clips that apply to the specific topic being read, for instant re-enforcement and clarification. In addition there are swipes available that provide a full interactive experience and additional detailed information on equipment, environment and scuba, all positioned as a healthy activity that also motivates equipment purchases by an educated consumer.

“Our preliminary tests have shown that younger people in particular, as well as digital savvy individuals of all ages, that had never considered taking scuba lessons are becoming motivated by the “cool factor” of the SNSI “GoScuba” App.” It simply removes the barriers that many face when considering our sport.

Although the app was designed for SNSI Instructors and SNSI Centers, the entire industry will benefit by this “recruitment tool” by enticing a new generation that the industry has been trying to attract for years.

We are excited about DEMA and look forward to welcoming new members to the SNSI family at all levels. To learn more how to maximize the use of the unique SNSI “GoScuba” App. Make an appointment or simply stop by to meet with one of our education business experts. If you would like to learn how to increase the profits of your educational department we will be happy to show you how to personalize your educational materials as well, to maximize sales, SNSI Booth 451. Visiting DEMA for a limited time? Request an appointment by e-mailing or calling 772-286-7111.

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