Waterproof D6 LITE ISS Drysuit

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Waterproof D6 LITE ISS Drysuit

April 25, 2014 - 00:00
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I did wonder just how long it would take for drysuit manufacturers to start routing their front zips from top right shoulder to bottom left hip, after Santi launched this concept in March. Waterproof hasn't wasted time. Their new D6 LITE ISS has adopted this zip routing.

Waterproof D6 LITE ISS Drysuit

Why is this zip cut beneficial to divers?

It allows better tailoring and optimal placement of a shoulder dump on the upper right arm. When the zip is routed from top left shoulder to bottom right hip, in some instances (mostly with smaller divers) the zip can run where the shoulder dump should go.

The D6 LITE ISS is a lighter version of the D7 PRO ISS and is primarily designed for the travelling diver. The material is a nylon based trilaminate, with a butyl coating and we suspect this will easily fold down into a small bundle for packing.

Knowing how OCD Waterproof are, it is no surprise that this is quite a pretty suit with lots of attention to detail. The D6 LITE ISS comes with adjustable braces (suspenders), polyurethane reinforced shoulders and seat, double stitched seams, silicone neck and wrist seal system, zip cover and cordura knee pads and crotch panel. You may wonder why one should have a reinforced crotch on a telescopic suit. Quite simply over time the mechanism for securing the telescopic torso can rub and you could end up with a leaking suit.

Waterproof really understand anatomy, and the D6 LITE ISS is designed and cut with pre bent legs to give the diver a better fit when diving. They have also paid attention to the feet. I find switching between suits can sometimes be a tad annoying because of the size of boot. Personally I have a wetsuit pair of fins and a drysuit pair of fins that solves this problem. What is really frustrating is switching from one drysuit to another and finding that your favourite fins don't fit the boot. Waterproof has fitted a pair of Exlite boots to this suit that are apparently extra light and flexible. Each boot has a ridge on the heel to help ensure your finstrap stays in place. What caught my attention was the fact that this boot has a narrow fit. Perhaps you won't need to buy yet another pair of fins especially for this suit.