Wedding Ring found near Cayman's Kittiwake

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Wedding Ring found near Cayman's Kittiwake

February 07, 2019 - 09:29
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A diver has lost their wedding ring after diving the USS Kittiwake wreck off Grand Cayman.

Emma-Jane Fisher is an experienced diving instructor. Today she is the marketing manager at Sunset House, Grand Cayman

"We advise that people remove their jewellery before scuba diving for a couple of reasons," stated Emma-Jane Fisher, Marketing Manager.

"Unfortunately shiny jewellery can attract the wrong kind of attention underwater from fish like Jacks or Barracuda. If you look at a fishing lure it uses several aspects such as movement, colour and flashing to tempt a fish, and jewellery can work in the same manner.

Secondly, it is very easy for a ring to slip off a finger unknowingly, and it is lost. This is quite distressing for a guest, especially when it is something as important, sentimental and special as a wedding ring.

Yesterday we found a ring on the Sand Chute next to the Kittiwake. Please and describe the ring. We would love to see it reunited with its owner!"

Sunset House

Sunset House is a third-generation family managed diving destination in Grand Cayman. This year the resort celebrates its 60th birthday. It is little wonder that over 150,000 divers have dived from Sunset House.

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