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Kate Jonker is a writer and underwater photographer based in Gordon’s Bay, just outside Cape Town, South Africa.

Growing up on the beach in South Africa, Kate spent much of her childhood surfing and snorkelling, and it was only in 2000 that she took up scuba diving. Today, her passion lies with sharing her love of the ocean and her underwater experiences with others through photography and story telling.

    “Photography is a fantastic medium in which to create an awareness of the beauty—and plight—of our oceans. Images can stir many emotions and we, as underwater photographers, have the opportunity to tell visual stories about our underwater world and to encourage its protection and preservation. What we love, we protect.” — Kate Jonker

Kate has a full-time job in the South African wine industry, teaches underwater photography and is a qualified dive boat skipper and dive guide for her husband’s dive centre, Indigo Scuba Diving Centre in Gordon’s Bay.

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