AP Diving OCB OC/CC Lever

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AP Diving OCB OC/CC Lever

June 17, 2019 - 13:29
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APD's latest offering is the OCB lever. (Gosh we do like our *TLAs in this sport, don't we).

When AP Diving launched their Classic rebreather back in 1997, the diver needed two hands to operate the standard mouthpiece, (which is still available today). In basic terms this mouthpiece is effectively two barrels - one inside the other. The diver holds the outer barrel and twists a locking ring that rotates the inner barrel, thereby either opening or closing the mouthpiece hole. 

This is all well and good when the dive is running to plan, the diver is under no or little stress, or their hands are empty. But we all know diving is never 100% straight forward.

The British manufacturer has therefore developed a lever that can be retrofitted to their bailout mouthpiece by the diver in seconds. The 'Open Circuit Bailout (OCB) lever was debuted at EUROTEK.2018. This simple device allows the diver to change the mouthpiece operation from closed circuit (CC) to open circuit (OC) with one hand.

APD states "the lever tabs have been spaced so as to be in the ideal position to suit any hand size."

The OCB lever is certainly a welcome safety development for CCR divers, because this £10 improvement appears to make the process of bailing-out in seconds far less stressful and fumble-free. APD has confirmed that this device is now fitted as standard to all new bailout mouthpieces. 

*That's a three letter acronym.