X-Ray Mag #35

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X-Ray Mag #35

April 13, 2010 - 21:47
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Eric Cheng's encounter of the third degree with Sperm whales off Dominica. Stingrays: Winged Wonders of the Canary Islands by Andy Murch. Red groupers transform undersea landscapes. Fish Communicate in Secret. Shrimp found under the Antarctic ice. New website for jellyfish affectionados. The boomerang and a ten million dollar lawsuit brought against Scubaboard. Purple Heart Dive Team develops dive program for Purple Heart recipients. In the Future: Architecture on the ocean. Airliner becomes new dive site in England. Diver badly burned by heat packs in freak accident. Disabled Divers International. Underwater CSI training course. 800-year-old shipwrecks found in Baltic Sea. Bronze age wreck found off Devon. The battle for Ancona’s bounty. Wreck from 600 B.C. discovered off Spain. The Treasures Within the Treasure. Travel News. Cozumel - Tech Talk: Choosing a Tech Instructor. Profile : Rich Walker, GUE's Technical manager. Wrecks & Treasure : Cris Woloszak's Hot Rod Sea Sculpture.

Sperm whales congregate off Domenica

37 spreads (double pages)