Adopt a coral during lockdown

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Adopt a coral during lockdown

April 28, 2020 - 12:30
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With "Adopt a coral", the , an NGO, offers you the option of adopting a coral for 30€ on their website. Your coral is transplanted onto coral reefs that have been previously destroyed due to global warming and human activities.

Coral Guardian's team member, Sahril, ensures the maintenance of a restored coral reef.

Corals are essential to the balance of the planet, but today they are threatened with extinction.  Thanks to restoration efforts as well as the construction of unique artificial reefs, dedicated to the rehabilitation of coral reefs in damaged areas, we make possible the return of lost biodiversity in this environment.

The artificial reefs are designed primarily for the purpose of providing habitat for marine wildlife, making it possible to re-grow faster ecosystem and a solid substrate for corals to grow in the best conditions possible. Coral Guardian uses various restoration techniques and different substrates to be the most suitable possible to the area identified. It creates, protects and regenerate the local ecosystem, meeting the objectives of protecting and valuing biodiversity of coral reef ecosystems:

The coral fragments are always indigenous species, so as not to disturb the local ecosystem.

By adopting a coral, you receive a personalised adoption certificate with its GPS coordinates, a photograph, the name you have chosen for the coral and a photograph of the person who transplanted it.


You can also follow the evolution of the restored coral reef your coral contributed to by signing up to the NGO’s newsletter on their website or by following them on social media.

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