Aqua Lung has new CEO

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Aqua Lung has new CEO

September 11, 2019 - 16:00
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Global Banking and Finance Review has announced that Aqua Lung has appointed Matthieu Bazil as its new CEO, effective immediately.

Matthieu Bazil pictured when he took over as Managing Director at Oxbow in 2009. He held this position for two years.

The article states that 39-year-old Matthieu Bazil is a passionate watersports enthusiast and scuba diver.

"I have worked in the sports industry all my life and have sought out brands that are authentic and credible in their space and leaders in their industry. Aqua Lung fits this definition perfectly, being the pioneer of scuba diving, and each brand of the portfolio being the most authentic and credible player in their segment, said Mr Bazil.

Prior to this appointment Matthieu Bazil has worked for Fox Racing, Oxbow, Boardriders Inc. (with global leadership roles at both DC Shoes and Quiksilver), and key account management with adidas.

The Aqua Lung Group

In 1946 Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Emile Gagnan and Air Liquide founded 'La Spirotechnique'. A couple of years later when Rene Bussoz signed a five year contract with L'Air Liquide to import scuba kit into the USA, he changed the name to 'US Divers' and registered the name 'Aqua-Lung'. When the contract was not renewed, Bussoz sold his company and the trademark Aqua-Lung back to the French company.

In 1997 Aqua Lung acquired the British regulator manufacturer, Apeks Diving. In December 2001 Dräger and Aqua Lung signed a worldwide exclusive that gave Aqua Lung the rights to market, sell and service re-breather products in the Recreational Diving market. Overnight Aqua Lung pretty much shut down the Dräger rebreather line. In 2010 Aqua Lung bought the Canadian drysuit manufacturer, Whites Manufacturing. Seven years later in March 2017 Air Liquide sold the Aqua Lung Group to Montagu Private Equity.

The group has a number of brands including Apeks Diving, Aqua Lung and Aqua Sphere. (This is a swimming products line and the Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is a long standing ambassador of this brand).

We will push forward with truly remarkable next-generation products built by our dedicated experts worldwide. Matthieu Bazil

Matthieu Bazil stated "We will rely most on the strength of our assets, whether its the best to ever get in the pool in Michael Phelps, or the first family of the Oceans with Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau - combining these iconic personalities with our incredibly capable internal teams and brands, we will push forward with truly remarkable next-generation products built by our dedicated experts worldwide.

There is much on the horizon for the Aqua Lung Group and it is my honor to be joining this talented team."

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