AquaLung Aquilon Purge Valve Snorkel

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AquaLung Aquilon Purge Valve Snorkel

July 26, 2016 - 19:18
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Snorkels have come a long way from the simple J tube.

Aqua Lung Aquilon Purge Valve Snorkel

Aqua Lung state their latest snorkel is "advanced and functional". So let's review this claim.

Firstly the Aquilon Purge Snorkel comes with a patented anatomical 'Comfo-Bite' Silicone mouthpiece as standard. This mouthpiece helps reduce jaw fatigue. But if you don't like it or you have a smaller mouth, you can easily swap it out for a different mouthpiece.

This is actually an important feature. Cheaper snorkels have built in mouthpieces. The problem with this is that when (not if) you bite through the mouthpiece, the snorkel has to be thrown away. Therefore when you are shopping for a snorkel you should check that you can easily replace the mouthpiece at some point in the future.

The mouthpiece section itself can be gently rotated for optimal positioning, making snorkelling more comfortable.

As a diver there are a number of other features I look for on a snorkel.

I want a quick draining tube. This snorkel has a vertical 'twin elliptical Purge Valve' that apparently helps the snorkel drain should the diver's head be face down or looking straight ahead in a vertical position.

I also want the snorkel to hang away from my face whilst I am scuba diving. Aqua Lung has fitted a non-collapsible corrugated 'two-shot' tube. It is called 'two-shot' because two different materials have been combined to create a soft flexible tube that doesn't deform or crush down.

One detail that appeals to me is that Aqua Lung have manufactured a 'D' shaped barrel, rather than a round barrel. What difference will this make? A flat, rather than round surface, will sit snugger against the face, giving the user a more comfortable experience.

The top of the tube is protected by a soft splash guard and Aqua Lung state "the new fix clip has a bigger section to ensure that the snorkel is easy to put on and remove.

You can choose from an array of colours to match your mask and fins: Black / Dark Grey, Black / Blue, Black / Orange, Black / Hot Lime, White Arctic, White / Twilight