BOLO: Cylinders stolen in Cayman

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BOLO: Cylinders stolen in Cayman

May 17, 2020 - 17:46
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Be On The Lookout! Cayman Diving / Divers Down have reported that a significant number of cylinders were stolen from their premises on the George Town waterfront just under a week ago.

The cylinders were stolen from this dive deck

The theft took place from the wooden deck near their shop on Grand Cayman. A member of staff told the local newspaper 'Cayman Compass' they believed that approximately 50 - 60 cylinders (worth around $12,000) were removed sometime between Thursday 14 and Friday 15 May 2020.

Cayman Curfew

Grand Cayman closed its borders on Sunday 22nd March and it looks as though the borders will remain closed until at least 1 September 2020, in an effort to prevent any new introduction of coronavirus to the island.

In addition the island has been following a 'soft curfew' between 05:00 - 20:00 Monday to Saturday, followed by a 'hard curfew' from 20:00 - 05:00 on a daily basis.

Mark Williams, owner of Divers Down is therefore baffled as to the motive of the theft, because every dive centre on Cayman has been shut for several weeks.

Who wants 50 odd scuba tanks, unless you want to start a dive shop, and who is doing that right now? Mark Williams, Divers Down

It would have taken either several people or a significant amount of time to steal the cylinders. It is possible that a truck was parked nearby during the day and the cylinders were removed then. Mark Williams stated "I suppose if someone turned up with a truck and started moving tanks, people would have just assumed it was us."

Reward Offered

Cayman Diving has offered a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the recovery of the cylinders. Please contact the dive company via their Facebook page if you can help them.

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