DeepFlight Submarine excursions starting soon in the Maldives

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DeepFlight Submarine excursions starting soon in the Maldives

August 26, 2017 - 22:33
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Local water sports equipment supplier Ocean Group and US-based underwater flight equipment manufacturer DeepFlight Adventures to launch the DeepFlight Super Falcon 3S submarine in the Maldives.

(Press photo) A DeepFlight submarine launches off Laucala island

DeepFlight was founded in 1996 by world-renowned engineer Graham Hawkes and Karen Hawkes to develop innovative underwater vehicles to expand human access into the oceans.

The Company’s guiding principle has been the need to transition to underwater flight in order to truly explore and experience the oceans. Imagine flying alongside whales, sharks and dolphins; exploring uncharted shipwrecks; or hovering over pristine coral reefs. What once was a dream is now your reality!


360-degree view

A trained pilot will treat two guests to an underwater excursion in the DeepFlight Super Falcon 3S, each seated comfortably in individual cockpits. Through the acrylic canopies, guests will be able to get a 360-degree view of the ocean from their individual cockpits. The submarine is also equipped with integrated video-capturing ability, enabling guests to relive their experiences after the dive.

Adam Wright, Managing Director of DeepFlight Adventures, his company was delighted to be working with Ocean Group to bring underwater submarine excursions to the Maldives. “We believe DeepFlight Adventures offers a great opportunity for hotels to differentiate their properties by offering their guests the ability to access the beautiful underwater world right from the resorts," he said.

Service expected to commence Q4 2017

The piloted DeepFlight Super Falcon 3S submarine is designed to the highest safety standards and is environmentally clean, quiet and efficient. DeepFlight Adventures’ submarine excursions will be launched at a select resort in the Maldives. Boarding begins in the fourth quarter of 2017. ■

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