Dive boat skipper Emily Turton is driving force behind #Scapa100

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Dive boat skipper Emily Turton is driving force behind #Scapa100

June 20, 2019 - 22:54
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Tomorrow - Friday 21 June 2019 - will be the 100th anniversary of the scuttling of the German High Seas Fleet in the Grand Harbour, Orkney.

#Scapa100 co-founder and Explorer Club member Emily Turton will be part of dive team laying a wreath on SMS Dresden on 21 June 2019

When World War I ended, it was agreed as part of the Armistice agreement that Germany had to surrender most of its fleet. Between November 1918 and January 1919, 74 ships from the German High Seas Fleet arrived in Scapa Flow to be interred.

On 21 June 1919 the German Admiral - Ludwig von Reuter - ordered the scuttling of the High Seas fleet 'to restore Germany's honour'. 50 ships were successfully sunk. Senior members of the British Navy were publicly furious, but privately understood von Reuters' actions. (The scuttling solved a problem for the British because it meant that the Kaiser's brand new ships could not be divided up amongst the Allies).

It has been wonderful to be part of the team commemorating the scuttling and the German sailors who died in Scapa Flow. Emily Turton

This significant event is being remembered in a number of events in and around Scapa Flow. Tonight there was a special concert held at the Town Hall in Stromness, Orkney that involved German and British Navy serving officers. One of the civilian speakers was Emily Turton.

Turton co-founded , and she has been the driving force behind the diving commemorations. Turton stated tonight "It has been wonderful to be part of the team involved with marking and commemorating the centenary anniversary of the German High Seas Fleet scuttling."

Tomorrow morning Emily Turton will be interviewed on BBC Breakfast and BBC Radio 4's 'Today', at approximately 06.40 and 07.40 local time respectively.

Sea based memorial service

It is an honour to be here as part of . Leading Diver Haigh, Royal Navy Clearance Diver

At 11.00 tomorrow morning (21 June 2019) a number of dive charter boats will be convening over SMS Dresden for a memorial service to remember 15 German sailors who died during the internment, and as a result of the scuttling. During the assembly a dive team from the German and British navies will lay a wreath and raise an Imperial German Flag on the Cöln class light cruiser.