EUROTEK.2016 concludes on a high note

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EUROTEK.2016 concludes on a high note

October 10, 2016 - 21:00
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EUORTEK is a horn of plenty of stunning footage, amazing adventures and explorations of deep water ecosystems, wrecks and caves, scientific findings in the fields of dive medicine and the latest advances in technology.

EUROTEK presenters gathered for a group photo

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EUROTEK is the event I look forward to and enjoy the most. It is simply an amazing and interesting congregation of people and I am not only talking about the presenters. Over two days some 600+ of the diving community's most notable personalities; explorers and adventurers; photographers, videographers and documentarists; scientists and environmentalists, entrepreneurs and innovators come together to network, talk and watch lectures and presentations many of which were quite simply jaw-droppingly stunning.

Top-notch photography and video was presented. The undisputed highlight being the screening of the Diving into The Unknown a sobering and sombre tale about a group of Finnish Divers who lose a couple of friends during the exploration of Plura cave in Norway and later goes back and conducts a dangerous but clandestine operation to recover the bodies of their dead comrades - all documented by video. I wouldn't be surprised of this production did not go on to win some serious awards for documentaries.

Agony of choice

As was the case with previous EUROTEK's there were four parallel tracks of simultaneous presentations. As usual I had to do several painful choices and would have liked to sit in to far more presentations that was physically possible.

Gala Dinner

The formal dress gala dinner on Saturday night is a highlight of its own. One is always sat with some interesting people and lasting new acquaintances and connections are always made. After an enjoyable dinner the entertainment starts: A raffle for attractive prizes (how about a week in Truk Lagoon with Pete Mesley or a Suex Scooter) is held, then there is an award ceremony and finally some skits and sketches - and co-organiser Leigh Bishop usually ends up being the butt of jokes. Actually, this time he ended up upside down (see pics above)


It was an invigorating event and it is hard to accept there two years to the next one. That is two sets of summers and X-Mas'es. Ah well... it will be the worth wait and in the interim new presenters will have the time to do further research and adventurers new discoveries.

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