The Flexible Ad Package

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The Flexible Ad Package

January 19, 2011 - 21:56
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What if your marketing needs are seasonal or change over time?

Do you go big or small?

No worries - you may do both!

Big or small ads? High season or low?

The conventional old-school way of running ads:

Conventionally, the size of a package deal would remain fixed for the duration of the contract.

This is illustrated by the timeline below where we have used our quarter page package as an example.

Ordinary timeline

Each illustration is a schematic representation of a magazine ad insertion (right, in blue) and banner ads on the site (left, in orange).

The same static constellation and size month after month repeated, right?

We can do better!

You can crank it up and down

What if I need to do a sale, a time limited campaign or have other intermittent or seasonal needs to step up the marketing?

No problem! You may mix our packages and turn the size up and down along a timeline as illustrated below. (highlighted with red squares)

Option 1

Looking at the ads in blue, the campaign is stepped up the second month to a full page package, then throttled back again to the usual quarter page for a while, and then reduced in size in the fifth month. There are countless other possible combinations.

And the price would be...?



Simple! We just ring it all up and calculate the monthly average rate.



You can split ad space

What if I have more than one brand or product I want to advertise?
Would I then have to put it all into one advert?

No worries. You may also divide your ad space into smaller ones as long as these correspond to our existing formats.


Say, for example, you have the brands or products A and B represented by the colours blue and red.



As shown in the following graphic, the total booked space can be divided up in a number of ways between brand A (blue) and entity B (red).


In principle, you can dispose of the booked space as you see fit.

Option 2 The provisos: Changes need to be communicated before each booking deadline and any new ad copy received before copy deadline. All ads must adhere to sizes currently on offer unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Sharing space and group ads

May I share the space with others?



We permit composite or joint ads. It is a good way of keeping costs down.



The provisos: In order to obtain the same discounted rates, we can just deal with one designated partner who will have to coordinate the submission of all ad copy as well as providing payment on behalf of the whole group. Only one invoice will be issued.