Get FIT and Become a NAUI Leader Today!

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Get FIT and Become a NAUI Leader Today!

September 22, 2016 - 19:40
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With its Familiarization – Instruction – Testing (FIT) program, NAUI once again takes the lead in setting the industry standard for quality instruction and leadership training.

NAUI Instructor (left) evaluates his FIT candidate’s ability to demonstrate sharing air.

NAUI Leaders are in demand worldwide and can be found in positions at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, military special operations units, public safety teams, colleges and universities, dive resorts and more.

NAUI FIT is a non-certification program required as a prerequisite for enrollment in a NAUI Assistant Instructor Course, Divemaster Course or Instructor Crossover Course (ICC).

Participants are provided knowledge of NAUI's history, teaching theory and methods, water skills and instructional techniques through a series of performance evaluations, critiques and counseling to ensure they are aware of their state of preparedness (FITness) for NAUI membership.

Upon completion of a NAUI FIT Program, participants will know exactly where they stand in terms of their readiness to become a NAUI Leader.

5 steps to getting NAUI FIT

1. Gain diving experience. NAUI FIT attendees bring a common core of experience and ability to the program.

2. Increase diving subject knowledge. NAUI allows Leaders academic flexibility in developing their education programs for divers. NAUI can provide this level of trust in its leaders because they are expected to have a broad range of knowledge in many diving subject areas.

3. Ensure physical conditioning. NAUI Leaders are expected to demonstrate exceptional water skills.

4. Develop communication skills. Effective communication is one key to successful leadership.

5. Enroll! If you are at least 18 years old and confident that you have the skills, knowledge and ability to become a NAUI Leader, or just want to see where you stand compared to NAUI Leaders, then you are ready to enroll in a NAUI FIT Program.

Learn more about getting FIT and becoming a NAUI Leader at

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