'Green' Welsh Primary School launches their opening with a balloon-release

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'Green' Welsh Primary School launches their opening with a balloon-release

June 17, 2018 - 12:07
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'Clyro Church in Wales Primary School' released around 50 balloons on Monday 11 June 2018 to mark the official opening of their new school.

The balloon release at Clyro Church in Wales Primary School

Ironically the Powys based school prides itself on being .

Emily Durrant, a Powys County councillor stated she was "extremely disappointed" at the school's decision to mark it's opening with a balloon release. However Durrant believes that the school had been a victim of misinformation regarding biodegradable materials.

The balloon companies have done a terrific marketing job in convincing people that everything's biodegradable

"All balloons are harmful to wildlife and helium is a finite resource but I believe this was planned in good faith" said Durrant. "It is hardly surprising given the amount of misinformation regarding biodegradable materials at the moment."

Sadly there is no such thing as an environmentally friendly 'biodregradable' latex balloon. They take fewer years to rot down, but they can still kill wild, farm and marine life before they decompose. Balloon advocates state that biodegradable balloons take as long to rot as an Oak leaf. However any respectable tree surgeon will confirm that an oak leaf is a robust leaf and can take at least 4 years to rot.

A statement from Clyro Church in Wales Primary School issued via Powys County Council said: "The Headteacher and chair of the governing body personally ensured that the balloons are biodegradable, as well as the tags that were attached to the balloons."

At the time of writing this article a UK petition asking Parliament has been signed by 29,500 people.

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