Have you had a 'Caustic Cocktail'? DAN would like to know

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Have you had a 'Caustic Cocktail'? DAN would like to know

September 09, 2020 - 09:50
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Divers Alert Network has launched a survey to collect data from rebreather divers regarding their experiences with caustic cocktail(s) whilst diving.

Tubs of unused and used sorb at a rebreather event

If you are a certified rebreather diver and you have experienced a caustic cocktail, or have dived with someone who has experienced a caustic cocktail, please participate. You can find the link to the survey in the 'Sources and References' box at the end of this article.

Anonymous Process

DAN has confirmed that they will not collect any identifiable information from participants and no information you provide can or will be linked back to you. Just complete the anonymous questionnaire online. The process should take you no longer than five minutes to complete. DAN hopes that at least 250 rebreather divers will respond.

DAN Contact

If you have any specific questions regarding this research study, please email . Information concerning the rights of subjects in research can be obtained from the .

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