Image requirements

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Image requirements

November 29, 2010 - 03:08

Save in the right sizes and formats. Clean and color correct the images. Make a selection.

No scatches, no dust or excessive amount of backscatter and particles please. Make sure that digital images or scans are cleaned up.


Psd (Photoshop), jpg, tiff or png format preferred

Minimum filesizes required

3000 pixels along the longest axis for feature articles
2000 pixels along the longest axis for images to be posted on websites and social media


Save the images in 144 dpi - if you wouldn't mind. It saves us time if you can.

Clean the images first

Images should be cleaned and colour corrected. Images with dust, scratches, backscatter, compression artifacts or other visible blemished will be rejected. So will images that is out of focus or incorrectly exposed for that matter so check the !

No compression

Do not compress jpgs please as it leaves . Save jpgs directly from the original tif or rawfile as saving and re-saving a jpgs repeatedly will cause deterioration of image quality.

Omit copyright notices and watermarks

Please do not superimpose any copyright notices or visible watermarks on the image itself. We will add credit bylines or copyright notices along the the image according to our general design guidelines. When we publish the magazine the pdf will be copy-protected with a password against image extraction.

Send a meaningful selection

Browsing through CD's with hundreds of unsorted images does not only take considerable time for the editor but it should be you who select the most important images and not the graphic designer who probably doesn't has the foggiest idea which images are most significant and is for most parts already maxed out.

If in doubt , make a primary selection of 10-15 images and a secondary selection of preferrably no more than 30 additional images.

Remember captions

Please include meaningful captions with names, location and description for all photographs. Some photographs of people require a signed release from the subject.

File Transfer