Indonesia’s Global Treasures

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Indonesia’s Global Treasures

May 29, 2015 - 16:47
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Michael Aw

Indonesia’s Global Treasures is the first book to reveal the immense beauty of seven underwater wonders of our world found in the Indonesian Archipelago.

In 1993, Michael Aw released his first book, Beneath Bunaken. Indonesia’s Global Treasures marks the launch of his 29th book of the sea. Michael AW’s latest work encapsulates marine protected areas and World Heritage sites in the Indo-Australasian region into one exquisite volume. You will be amazed, awed, astounded, by our planet’s most colossal biological province captured by one of the world’s most influential nature photographer.

Marine scientists of many disciplines have affirmed over and over again, that Indonesia is endowed with the greatest highest diversity of iridescent corals, fishes, crustaceans, molluscs and marine plant species. This is the Coral Triangle. This is the heartland, the bull’s eye of the world’s richest reefs. Indonesia’s Global Treasures showcases these jewels of amazing biodiversity, revealing unique, important creatures that live there and emphasizes the importance of protecting these natural treasures.

Michael AW, a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographer stylishly brings together a repertoire of images that vigorously expose the extra-terrestrial beauty of our underwater heritage in extraordinary perspective. Many of these pictures are award winners and many have been selected for archival fine art collections and limited edition reproductions. His imagery celebrates the marine richness and diversity of Indonesia. While some of them are endemic, some are rare elsewhere but found in abundance in Indonesia. The production revealed opulent properties that are unrivalled anywhere in our terrestrial world. The Updown Court of London or Bridgehampton of New York pale in comparison. Michael affectionately calls these places Global Treasures. ‘Indonesia’s Global Treasures’ aims to foster greater awareness and appreciation of our oceans as well as inspire the preservation and protection of our natural treasures for our children. Flip through the pages and immerse yourself in magical places that astonish and amaze. Your ocean is waiting.

“Indonesia’s Global Treasures also serve as a global warning; our ocean’s treasures are severely threatened by human-induced climate change, over-fishing and pollution. If these continue unabated, coral reefs will be destroyed; animals will become extinct, ocean services on which we all depend to survive will be colossally diminished. We are at the defining moment…” said Michael AW.

Limited preview copies were available at the ADEX, 13-15 April, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The worldwide official launch of this book however, will be at DEMA, Las Vegas, 16 November this year. A prelaunch autographed copy may be purchased at or,

Indonesia’s Global Treasure is a high-quality 180-page fine art production using the latest six-colour printing technology, printed on acid-free matt art paper in a generous case bound 280cm x 260cm book. The recommended retail price is US$85. Prelaunch copies are available at US$83 – postage included. Flipbook/PDF editions are also available at US$15. Proceeds from this book will go to the Ocean Geographic SOS (Save Our Sea) Fund.