Introducing the COSMIQ+ by DeepBlu

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Introducing the COSMIQ+ by DeepBlu

June 24, 2017 - 14:34
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The COSMIQ+ is the world’s first dive computer with it’s own social network and app. I had the pleasure of diving with the COSMIQ+ on recent trips to French Polynesia and the Philippines and it performed beautifully.

The computer itself has a big 2.2 inch LCD screen with large, bright colorful numbers, making it easy to read even at night. In scuba mode the display shows depth, dive time, no deco time, time of day, water temp and max depth all on one screen, so there is no need to push buttons or jump between screens to be fully informed. Nitrox can be set from 21-40% and this may be changed either on the computer or through the app.

A Safety Factor may be set through the app so that the computer performs in either a conservative, normal or progressive manner and the ppO2 may be set from 1.2 to 1.6. In comparison to my normal dive computer, the COSMIQ+ was more conservative, thus adding another layer of safety to the dive. Depending on your preference the computer can start in scuba mode, gauge mode or freediving mode as soon as it is submerged in water. While underwater the COSMIQ+ will beep if you are ascending too fast, nearing decompression limits, low on battery or if you have hit a user defined max depth or dive time, which you may set through the app. At this time, it is not possible to change or turn off these alarms.

Synch'ing and charging

The COSMIQ+ syncs wirelessly, via Bluetooth 4.0, to the Deepblu app, installed on either a smartphone or tablet. The app allows the user to change various settings on the computer that cannot be accessed through its two buttons when not connected. Once synced, you may set the measurement units to imperial or metric and the pressure display to Psi or Bar. You may also set the Safety Factor, ppO2 level, Nitrox percentage, salinity, altitude, starting mode when submerged, screen timeout duration, backlight intensity and alarms.

The app is constantly being improved and these upgrades are passed along for free to users via frequent firmware updates. Since Bluetooth does not need the Internet to function, the app and the computer can still communicate perfectly while you are on a liveaboard or in some remote corner of the globe with no contact with the outside world.

The battery life of the COSMIQ+ has been improved with the most recent firmware update and the new smart power-saving mode, now allowing up to 12 hours of dive time between charges. Even before the update, I had no problems getting 4 to 5 dives per day out of a single charge. The unit charges with a magnetic USB cord that attaches to the gold plated charging pins on the back of the computer. Simply rinse in fresh water, dry the contacts and it is ready for charging. In my experience, the recharging time was less than 2 hours and I found it easy to do nightly, while downloading my dive logs, so the computer was ready for the next day.


The Deepblu app is intuitively easy to use and navigate. Data transfers from the computer quickly and wirelessly via Bluetooth, so there are no extra cables to worry about. Each dive is logged in the app and contains dive times, depth and water temp. The user can then go in and edit each dive log to specify dive sites, dive buddies, dive gear used, plus water and weather conditions. It is also possible to attached photos and videos to each log and they will post at the appropriate spot on the dive timeline as long as your camera and computer are set to the same time. Just like you would in a hand written logbook, a written description of the dive may be added through the app. Another nice feature, if you happen to make a dive without the COSMIQ+, is that you can manually enter a dive log into the app as well.


Dive logs may be posted privately or publically on the app and other COSMIQ divers may comment on your posts or individual photos. This is a great way to interact with fellow divers, underwater photographers and videographers. You can use the app to search for dive buddies or dive destinations and even share your dive logs on other social networks such as Facebook. The app is a great resource to research a location for a future trip or find out what kind of underwater life has been seen recently in a particular area.

The original Deepblu app has been expanded into a full-fledged social network with dive related news and content. This online community may still be accessed through the app on your tablet or smartphone, but now also exists on a web browser platform so you can surf from the comfort of your home computer or laptop ( ). Here you can share your stories with other like-minded individuals, read original news content and join special interest groups within the community. Making it even easier for divers and businesses in the dive community to stay connected.


The COSMIQ+ is a well-designed, stylish and affordable dive computer that comes with the added bonus of connecting you to an extensive network of divers from across the globe. If you are in the market for a new dive computer, the COSMIQ+ is a great choice.