Introducing the Nearshore Dive Vehicle

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Introducing the Nearshore Dive Vehicle

January 04, 2016 - 21:49
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Press Release

The Nearshore Dive Vehicle (NDV) serves as both an electric vehicle to reach those nearshore dives, and as a dive buoy to have with you as you dive.

The NDV rig sits atop a paddleboard, with an electric motor that sits under the vehicle out of the way. You can drive the NDV while sitting or standing to quickly get to your nearshore dive spot. Once there, you can also operate the vehicle from behind, while being towed by the vehicle. There is an additional power switch on the handle bars in the rear, that you hold onto while your face is in the water and breathing through your snorkel.

Once you see something interesting under water, you let go of the handle bars, which kills the power, and dive down to whatever caught your eye. There is a retractable line up top that you clip into your weight belt, allowing you to stay in contact with the NDV, which also serves as a dive buoy. You can alternately clip into the anchor once you find a hot spot to dive. The NDV goes up to 5 MPH, and 2 hours on a charge.

You can enter the water with the cart still under the NDV, and then move to the back to motor through the waves. You can then remove and quickly stow the cart on the leaning post until going back through the surf zone, which you also do with the cart fastened to the bottom. Great for those smaller wave days, divers are now able to reach those near shore reefs, as well as the tips of Jetties and inshore dive spots. The NDV is great for Scuba Divers, Snorkelers, and anyone who wants to leisurely cruise over reefs or shallow water, and will dramatically increase what you can see on a dive!

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