Introducing the STEPDive System for Junior Dive Training

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Introducing the STEPDive System for Junior Dive Training

November 19, 2018 - 20:45

Press Release

STEPDive system for family fun and PREP junior dive training.

Research in human learning has shown that gradual, iterative learning is significantly more effective to fully engrain deep seated habits and behaviors - especially in youth and children. STEPDive will premiere their concept for safer, iterative youth dive training at DEMA.

The system is based on surface supplied air, but has been reengineered for family and training use. An innovative and patent pending depth control system allows a diver to be securely confined to an age and experience appropriate depth - as low as 2 feet / 50 cm - without restricting their freedom of movement to explore about.

The behaviors, techniques, and usage of STEPDive are identical to regular SCUBA. Secure confined depth limits in open water enable very effective, iterative cycles of dive school training and safe applied experience in real open water. Combined, they set up a strong foundation and proficiency in SCUBA safety behaviors and techniques that will be an immense value and safety to the student when they continue on and start the JOWD training.

Kids can start as young as 5 on the surface, and 7 or 8 underwater, progressing each year to further depth limits with training and experience. In the first steps, on the surface or confined to maximum 2 or 3 feet of depth, the focus is one critical safety behavior: buddy diving, calmness underwater, and slow ascends. Subsequent steps and courses focus on further safety techniques and breath buoyancy control. By the time the youth is 10 or 12 years old, they can start a JOWD course with more experience and control than some advanced open water divers, all before ever going deeper than 3 or 5 meters.


STEPDive offers many valuable revenue streams to all the dive industry businesses. Including:
• lower hurdle; repeat customers for trainings,
• more straightforward & more profitable product rentals,
• higher value family time and memories for beach dives and surface interval times, and
• simpler and easier to manage dive tours.

The product is an economic value, with retail pricing starting around $899-$949 and good commercial pricing. Systems supply 2 or 3 divers, and adjusts to fit any body size 4-99yrs. It features a large robust 5 ft raft for a safe base station in the water for the divers, yet still packs down to fit into a carry-on suitcase or stow away on a boat.

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