IWD: Sally Cartwright to speak at the Explorers Club 'Women of Exploration' event

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IWD: Sally Cartwright to speak at the Explorers Club 'Women of Exploration' event

March 08, 2019 - 10:30
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The Great Britain and Ireland Chapter of the Explorers Club has invited four significant "women of exploration" to each give a talk in London next month.

Sally Cartwright is a former Chairman of the Sub Aqua Assocation and a SSI Platinum Award Diver | Copyright © Rosemary E Lunn / The Underwater Marketing Company. All rights reserved

The Polar explorer and Chapter Chairman stated "We have 110 members in this chapter from several different exploration disciplines. One of the services we provide is an awareness of exploration to others.

We are delighted to confirm we are hosting four women - a mountaineer, an archaeologist, a Conservation Artist and a professional diver - so that others may hear their extraordinary stories".

The Four Talks

Presented by Ruth Storm, Mountaineer and Polar Explorer

Presented by Dr Alicia Colson FRGS, Archaeologist and Ethnohistorian

Presented by Julie Askew, Conservation Artist

Presented by Sally Cartwright, Professional Diver

Sally Cartwright

Sally Cartwright did her first scuba dive in 1993 simply because she wanted to get her photos back. Cartwright had been on a climbing trip in the Canadian Rockies. When she returned to the UK she was on the verge of giving up sport - at the time she was playing squash competitively, but due to an injury she could not progress as she wanted to.

One night she was looking at her climbing photographs in her local pub, when an SAA dive club came in and one of the divers promptly stole her photos. She was told she would get them back if she did a try dive with the club. Cartwright therefore took the plunge and tried scuba diving. She fell in love with the sport.

I like her approach to her sport. Mark Wood, Polar Explorer and Chairman of GB&I Chapter, Explorers Club

Sally Cartwright is one of the UK's leading technical divers and an early adopter of closed circuit rebreather diving. She bought her first Classic Inspiration in 1999, and is a deep 100mt+ / 300ft CCR diver. (AP Diving launched the world's first production-line rebreather, the Classic Inspiration in 1997).

In 2000 Sally joined the Bluebird team when the project kicked off. She was a key member (and the only female diver) on this project that searched, located and then recovered Donald Campbell's body and Bluebird K7.

This took many months of extreme cold water, low visibility diving in Lake Coniston. Part way through the project, another diver was needed, and Sally recommended that Carl Spencer join the group. The team successfully achieved their goals, and Bluebird has been restored.

Last year Sally re-joined the and actively supported crew training and trials.

I am honoured and excited to share my diving adventures with like-minded people. Sally Cartwright

'Women of Exploration'

This event will be held on Wednesday 3 April 2019 at 18.30 at the Frontline Club, 13 Norfolk Place, Paddington, London, W2 1QJ

Tickets cost £10 members / £20 non members. All are welcome.

to book your ticket to find out more about this entertaining evening.

The Frontline Club

The world famous Frontline Club is a unique venue located in the heart of Paddington, London. It is a haven for journalists, photographers, war correspondents who work on the frontline of conflict zones around the world, hence the name. The history of journalism is outstanding therefore this is a favourite gathering place for likeminded people who are interested in international affairs, and believe that press freedom, integrity and independent journalism is important.

is also the London home of the Great Britain & Ireland Chapter of the Explorers Club.