Kids Love To Dive

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Kids Love To Dive

October 13, 2011 - 23:25

Reaching out to a new generation of divers

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X-RAY MAG: What is Scuba Rangers? What is Kids Scuba? Where are you located?

SAR: Scuba Rangers is a special scuba diving club for kids ages 8-12. Kids Scuba Malaysia started in 2004. We are a member of Scuba Schools International (SSI) and a Scuba Rangers Award Winning Instructor Training Facility. We operate at the Maybank sports center swimming pool in Bangi, just 30 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

X-RAY MAG: Tell us about yourself, your background and why you started Kids Scuba.

SAR: I’ve been diving about 20 years now in places throughout Asia. I am a very keen diver and committed to the sport. I love teaching kids in the sport of Scuba Diving. In fact, my daughter became the youngest PADI Seal Team diver in Malaysia. Initially, when she followed me on my diving trip abroad, we only saw other kids diving. After her certification, I started Kids Scuba Malaysia in 2002, with the Scuba Discovery program conducted in the pool. The goal was to let other kids in Malaysia share the sport and enjoy the underwater world that Malaysia has to offer. I then took my Scuba Rangers Instructor Training course back in 2004 in Singapore. In 2006, I was upgraded to the level of Scuba Rangers Instructor Trainer for Malaysia and was awarded the Leading Scuba Rangers Club in South East Asia. There was no looking back for me after that! (Smile)

X-RAY MAG: Kids Scuba is the largest organization for kids of its kind in the diving world. Why is it so popular and what are you doing that’s making it such a success? What do the Scuba Rangers mean to Malaysia and diving in Malaysia?

SAR: The Scuba Rangers program is flexible in that it allows the Instructor to be creative with the speciality courses but within the training standards. An example is the underwater painting ranger speciality program in Malaysia. After teaching the kids through the five sessions of the Rangers level, starting with the Red, White, Blue, Silver and finally the Demo Ranger, the young rangers can look forward to our Kids Scuba Camps organized three times a year at selected marine parks and islands of Malaysia. The camps further facilitate their scuba education and underwater skills, while they are able to see the reknowned Clownfish “Nemo” from the Disney animation, Finding Nemo, in real life. Scuba Rangers In Malaysia have made great leaps and bounds since we started in 2004, gaining International awards and recognition.

X-RAY MAG: Tell us what role SSI has in the Scuba Rangers’ education.

SAR: Scuba Rangers, a kids scuba activity club, was started in 1999 by Paul Oberle of Louisiana, United States. He pioneered child-specific scuba training techniques and educational philosophies. Affiliated with Scuba Schools International (SSI) (, Rangers Clubs are found worldwide. Though the Scuba Ranger classes cater for kids aged 8-12, parents and teenagers are also welcome, as we encourage a family-oriented water sports program.

X-RAY MAG: One of the upcoming events of Kids Scuba is a dive camp at Sipadan and Mabul islands. Tell us about it and what kids can expect to do, see, learn when they are there.

SAR: Whenever we conduct the Kids Scuba Camp, we always emphasize a total family-oriented program, where the kids will have a chance to scuba dive at the shallow reefs up to five meters with a ratio of two rangers per Instructor or Dive Leader. The dive is always the first priority! Without fail, the Rangers will be asking me every minute once we reach the island—(laughs)—followed by the education on the marine ecosystem and coral reefs. While we take the Scuba Rangers kids to go diving, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, can have a good time on their own and dive at their own leisure.

X-RAY MAG: What is the best part of your job with Kids Scuba?

SAR: For me, the best part of teaching the Scuba Rangers course is educating the kids the Right Scuba Skills and Scuba Discipline, while enjoying with them the underwater world. The other part is seeing the kids grow with the program, becoming responsible divers with good buoyancy and being good dive buddies who appreciate the marine life and conservation of the marine ecosystem.

X-RAY MAG: What do kids say to you about their experience with Kids Scuba?

SAR: They love it, and they make sure they checkmate me first before I can even plan for the next event. My Scuba Rangers are my bosses; they can really take the time out of me. They call me, text me on their mobile phones, and email me, not forgetting to remind me over and over about what to do and where to go next. Whew!

X-RAY MAG: What are the biggest surprises, insights, or loves the kids have in diving the underwater world?

SAR:The kids love the so-called Nemo clownfish toys that we put in the pool during their weekly training session. We also include toys such as underwater torpedos, underwater frisbees, and hula hoops, which are placed under water during the rangers training program. One of the most awaited speciality programs we conduct is the Night Rangers ...

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