Large piece of iceberg in Antarctica to break off any day now

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Large piece of iceberg in Antarctica to break off any day now

April 07, 2019 - 10:04
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Scientists are expecting a big piece of iceberg in the Antarctica to break away at any time now, as two cracks inch towards each other.

The Halloween Crack was discovered in October 2016.

A large chunk of iceberg in the Antarctic, twice the size of New York City, is due to break away any time soon.

The Brunt Ice Shelf currently has two cracks (Chasm 1 and Halloween Crack) that are growing larger. When the two intersect, a large piece of the iceberg, measuring more than 1,500 square kilometres, will break away into the ocean.

“Once the iceberg breaks away from the Brunt Ice Shelf, it is likely to drift towards the west and slowly break up into smaller icebergs,” said Dr Jan De Rydt, of Northumbria University.

The British Antarctic Survey’s Halley Research Station, which was previously situated on an affected section of the iceberg, has been moved to a safer location.

So, is this due to climate change? The scientists think not, describing it as “a natural process.”

“We have been tracking the movement of the ice shelf for many years and our modelling indicates that this breakaway is entirely expected,” said Professor Hilmar Gudmundsson, also from Northumbria University.

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