Meet 'like-minded' divers at EUROTEK - “the diving event of the year”

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Meet 'like-minded' divers at EUROTEK - “the diving event of the year”

October 22, 2018 - 18:06
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Regular attendees of EUROTEK - the European advanced diving conference - will be aware that there are some new faces amongst the speakers this year, one of whom is the driving force behind the important initiative, .

Emily Turton established #Scapa100 to commemorate the centenary of the scuttling of the WWI German High Seas Fleet

2019 is a significant year for Scapa Flow and the Orkney Islands. On the 21st June 1919 Rear Admiral Ludwig von Reuter ordered the 74 ships of the interned German High Seas Fleet to scuttle themselves, ie deliberately open their sea-cocks and sink. von Reuter wanted to protect the honour of the Germany Navy. The only way he felt he could achieve this was to physically damage the Imperial German Navy ships in such a manner that the allies would never be able to sail these modern vessels, and potentially use them against Germany.

Emily Turton has therefore established to commemorate the centenary of the scuttling of the WWI German High Seas Fleet. She will be giving two talks at EUROTEK about the Orkney wrecks. One will focus on a digital tour of Scapa Flow. The second (sponsored by BSAC) will discuss the HMS Hampshire and HMS Vanguard surveys.

In 2016 and 2017 Turton organised an international team of experts to extensively survey Hampshire and Vanguard. The team used underwater photography, videography and 3D photogrammetry to document the shipwrecks.

Both these capital ships are “controlled sites”, therefore you need to gain a licence from the MOD to dive the wrecks. The self-funded surveys have provided some new and valuable insights into the sinking of these ships, and now, an important digital heritage baseline has been established regarding the state of the two wrecks. This work has also meant that a plethora of new images are being released to the community and the relatives of those lost on these vessels.

We now get all these messages about EUROTEK. I was there and it wasn’t just great, it was really super fantastic. I had to get on a plane, book into a hotel, travel like some others did. Will do that again. Found friends, made new contacts, learnt new things. Those of you who didn’t go, you can’t even imagine what you have lost”. Portuguese Delegate

I know that delegates are in for a treat,” stated co-founder Rosemary E Lunn (Roz). “Emily Turton is a highly accomplished and entertaining speaker. She regularly lectures in Maritime Studies for the University of Highlands and Islands, and she is a professional RYA and MCA educator. Her comprehensive knowledge of the wrecks is impressive, and as a CCR trimix diver she knows what information the divers want to hear.

One of the members of the Orkney dive team is EUROTEK stalwart, Immi Wallin.

Immi Wallin in an expedition CCR diver, with extensive experience of developing wreck documentation techniques. She had lead several expeditions discovering pristine historic and military wrecks in the Baltic, that she and her team have subsequently identified and researched.

When Wallin made her EUROTEK début in 2014 talking about U-Boats in the Gulf of Finland, the audience audibly gasped when she unveiled an image of a submarine impaled into the seabed at an improbable 45 degrees. This year Immi will be bringing divers up to date on her latest project. 'The Soviet Dunkirk'.

In late August 1941 it was clear to the Soviet military command that Tallinn would fall into German hands within a matter of days. Over 200 civilian and Soviet Navy ships were assembled in the Estonian harbour. On 26 August Moscow gave permission for Tallinn to be evacuated.

The Germans did their best to prevent this from happening - the Kriegsmarine had extensively mined the approaches to Tallinn and the Gulf of Finland. Meanwhile the Luftwaffe attacked the ships in Tallinn harbour on a daily basis.

Immi Wallin's talk will cover how the Tallinn shipwrecks were found, identified and documented.

The speakers are extremely interesting and varied. I came away with new goals and renewed enthusiasm”. UK Delegate

This year there are two Baltic Sea talks at EUROTEK. The second will be given by tech diving journalist Sabine Kerkau. Kerkau hails from Germany and regularly writing for X-Ray Mag, Wetnotes, Unterwasser and Tauchen. She is an expedition CCR diver, and she specialises in wreck and mine photography and videography.

At EUROTEK.2018 Sabine Kerkau will discuss the 'Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project'. Kerkau is a founding member of the team that established this project in Lithuania. The project remit is to search for, identify, research and project wrecks. This includes ghost fishing salvage.

EUROTEK is not just about compelling talks where you are transported to an ancient cave or historic wreck, and get unprecedented access to top explorers and experts. It's a fantastic social too!”, stated Roz Lunn. “There is always a great gathering of the clans, where old friends and colleagues catch up, and new mates are made.

This year we are kicking off EUROTEK with a curry feast at The Rep on Friday night. Birmingham has a much deserved reputation for curries. Our 'Big Fat Curry' is the perfect way to decompress after a tough week and socialise with speakers, exhibitors and dive industry personalities. There's a welcome drink on arrival and a choice of delicious dishes.

On Saturday 1st December we are holding the biggest scuba diving Christmas Party! Over 300 other divers have already booked their place. Tickets are still available at £66.75 for a glittering night of festive fun, great food and hilarious entertainment in a unique and glamorous venue. Come and party and dance the night away. And there's a good chance that you could win a KISS Rebreather, a Trip to Truk or a holiday to Bonaire! The money raised will be donated to the British Cave Rescue Council to help support future overseas rescues.

“The Gala Dinner was a sight to behold. I really hope we can do this again”. UK Delegate

Attendees don't go home empty handed - if you want to get your hands on a gorgeous limited edition Fourth Element goodie bag, you need to be quick and book your pass via . Come and meet like minded divers at the diving event of the year!

EUROTEK will be held at The Rep, Birmingham, England on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 December 2018

“I was looking forward to this event for a long time and certainly was not disappointed. All the Speakers presentations were first class, very good exhibitors, and the Gala Dinner was mind blowing. UK Delegate

I love the EUROTEK party – it's a great chance for divers to get together and unify over a beer. Don't miss the best diving party on the planet! Paul Toomer, RAID

The EUROTEK speakers are extremely interesting and varied. I came away with new goals and renewed enthusiasm. UK Delegate

The EUROTEK founders pictured in 2008. From left to right, Leigh Bishop, Carl Spencer, Rosemary E Lunn

EUROTEK is a fantastic diving event with world class presentations. IF you are serious about your diving, you can't afford to miss it. Jim Standing, Fourth Element

EUROTEK is the most important event in our community and undoubtedly the finest technical diving conference in the world. Jill Heinerth, explorer

EUROTEK is “...the best dive show I have ever been to...” Tom Mount, IANTD