NAUI BOD and International Advisors Launch 2018 First Aid Instructor Workshop Series

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NAUI BOD and International Advisors Launch 2018 First Aid Instructor Workshop Series

January 17, 2018 - 02:45
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Press Release

To kick off 2018, NAUI Worldwide’s Board of Directors and International Advisors visited the Tampa headquarters to participate in the first of a series of NAUI First Aid Instructor Workshops (FAIW) to be conducted across the globe throughout 2018.


Administered by NAUI’s Training Manager, Jim Gunderson, the headquarter’s FAIW spanned a two-day period. The first day focused on First Aid (and related) skills with the second day devoted to the methodology of teaching and administering these courses.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to help NAUI continue its role in providing high-quality dive education and leadership training,” said Gunderson, who is responsible for teaching support and the development of new and revised training materials for NAUI members and affiliates.

The workshops are intended to refresh First Aid and CPR skills, provide valuable information concerning new First Aid standards, and provide information on training best practices and how to effectively implement and conduct these courses. The practice and fine-tuning of these skills on a regular basis are essential aspects of continuing education for both divers and dive leaders alike.

“Because this course is recognized and accredited internationally, I encourage leaders from around the globe to take advantage of its benefits. The FAIW courses offered by NAUI are unique as they take a very ‘hands-on’ approach,” said Hanalie Burger, International Advisor for Africa.

In 2016, NAUI and Divers Alert Network (DAN) announced their partnership to offer First Aid courses and FAIWs for NAUI’s current Instructor Trainers and Course Directors with the opportunity to gain a better understanding and awareness of the knowledge and skills development sessions for the various courses.

“I was not surprised to find Jim Gunderson’s extensive Emergency Medical Services (EMS) a valuable experience. The class was progressive, engaging, and educationally critical for active assistance to others when first responder skills are needed,” said Jeffrey Hansler, NAUI Board member. “The NAUI-DAN partnership is indicative of positive changes for the future, and Jim is a wonderful example of NAUI Instructor skills.”

Moving forward in 2018, the NAUI FAIW is now designed for any NAUI Leader (Assistant Instructor, Skin Diving Instructor, Divemaster, Instructor) who wishes to teach the NAUI First Aid – Powered by DAN courses.

“In my 25 + years of both teaching and taking First Aid courses, this was by far the most comprehensive and well-taught program I’ve experienced. I encourage every NAUI leader to take advantage of this workshop,” said Dave Ochs, chairman of the NAUI Board of Directors.

These workshops will be offered in association with various international trade/consumer shows and other dive training events throughout the year. NAUI leaders interested in hosting a FAIW in their areas can contact the NAUI Training Department at to discuss options for scheduling.

Check the page for additional FAIWs to be held throughout 2018.
Pre-registration is required for the FAIWs. Interested participants can download the registration form and return it to