New Book - Marine Fishes of Florida

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New Book - Marine Fishes of Florida

April 19, 2016 - 21:03
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Press Release

The most comprehensive book about Florida’s marine fishes ever produced, Marine Fishes of Florida includes hundreds of photographs and descriptions of species you’ll encounter—plus many that are rare—when diving, snorkeling, kayaking, or fishing. Publication date: June 1, 2016.

Marine Fishes of Florida by David B. Snyder and George H. Burgess. The essential illustrated guide to Florida’s marine fishes.

Coverage includes both the Atlantic and Gulf coastline, from habitats near the shore to deeper waters. Fishes found in coastal rivers and other brackish waters are fully represented, as are offshore species that venture into Florida’s waters often enough to be called “occasional visitors.”

From the largest sharks to the smallest cryptic gobies, from homely toadfishes to the spectacularly colored reef fishes, this book is certain to help you better understand the fish you’ve seen or hooked. Features of Marine Fishes of Florida include:

• Color photographs by leading marine photographers
• Differentiation of adult and juvenile forms
• Coverage of 133 fish families and hundreds of species
• Size and geographical range data
• Natural history and conservation notes
• Explanations of geologic history and current habitats

David B. Snyder is a senior scientist with CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. His photographs of fishes have appeared in numerous field guides and technical and popular publications.

George H. Burgess is the coordinator of museum operations and the director of the Florida Program for Shark Research at the University of Florida’s Florida Museum of Natural History. He is the coauthor of Sharks: The Animal Answer Guide.

Publication date: June 1, 2016
Paperback, 392 pages
495 color photos

Pre-order. Will ship in May 2016
Also available as an e-book

For more information or to pre-order your copy today, please visit the website: