New Green Diver Initiative Manager Selected to Expand Local and Global Aquatic Conservation Efforts

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New Green Diver Initiative Manager Selected to Expand Local and Global Aquatic Conservation Efforts

March 13, 2018 - 19:29

Press Release

NAUI Services Group (NSG), in collaboration with the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI Worldwide), is pleased to announce that Amanda O’Connor has been selected to manage the Green Diver Initiative (GDI) and promote and expand its mission across the globe.


With support from NAUI Worldwide, NSG will expand its operations with the selection of O’Connor to fill the GDI Manager position at NAUI headquarters in Tampa, Florida. In this position, O’Connor is responsible for initiatives focused on environmental and aquatic resources sustainability, diver best practices, and fundraising to support grassroots initiatives.

Much of O’Connor’s focus as the GDI Manager is to ensure its growth, grant-giving and tax-deductible contributions and lead the effort to expand the reach and impact of the GDI and its partner organizations.

“This is an exciting time for the GDI and under Amanda’s leadership, we are expecting great things. Amanda is extremely qualified and motivated to lead the GDI team in achieving its mission of empowering individuals to conserve and preserve our aquatic planet,” said GDI Board Chair, Angie Cowan.

O’Connor holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from San Diego State University and a Master of Science in Integrated Natural Resource Management from Humboldt University of Berlin. She brings a wide range of experience and skill to the position. She has experience in technical aspects of sustainability and resource management such as field biology and database management, as well as experience in policy research and organizational development working with engineering companies, nonprofit organizations, and local governments.

In her professional background, O’Connor spearheaded various sustainability and coastal resilience campaigns; oversaw grant management and project implementations and planning; executed corporate-level events regarding coastal impacts; and supported energy efficiency finance projects in places ranging from Washington, California, and Texas to Germany, Tanzania and India.

In addition to being intermediately fluent in German and French and some Korean language experience, she holds training certifications with NOAA for coastal climate adaptation; RENAC for renewable energy technologies; and Eberswalde University of Applied Science for renewable energy, to name a few.

“The GDI Board looks forward to working alongside Amanda. She clearly has a passion for conservation and a strong desire to make a difference. In addition, her experience, skill set and global network will allow her to grow existing GDI programs and partnerships and nurture new ones.” said Cowan.

The Green Diver Initiative is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation dedicated to conserving and preserving the ocean planet. The organization promotes a global community of divers and water enthusiasts, and is open to anyone concerned about the future of our aquatic resources.

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