New from Master Liveaboards; Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea

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New from Master Liveaboards; Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea

September 18, 2017 - 21:35

Press Release

Following the recent merger with blue o two, Master Liveaboards is pleased to announce yet another vessel to its ever growing network of worldwide liveaboards; the Solomons PNG Master.

Explore the Solomon Islands with it’s exquisite diving, truly one of the last diving frontiers, with pristine coral reefs and an unparalleled variety of marine life. Dive into history and explore the many WWII wrecks in the Iron Bottom Sound. Sojourn comfortably on board the Solomons PNG Master that many will already know as Taka, the much respected vessel operating liveaboard cruises in the Solomon Islands since 2013 with Solomon Islands Dive Expeditions. The custom-built vessel will begin operations as Solomons PNG Master officially in January 2018, however existing cruises on the 2017 schedule are open for bookings also.

As the name suggests Master Liveaboards is not offering just one, but TWO new destinations; Papua New Guinea (PNG) is now on the menu as well! From April 2018, Master Liveaboards will be offering the best liveaboard diving in PNG for several months of the year, including amazing transition trips, aboard Solomons PNG Master. The diving in PNG is virgin territory: so remote and unexplored to the extent that new marine species are still being discovered there.

Schedules for Solomons PNG Master will be available and open for sale from the 21st of September with cruises in the Solomon Islands available immediately, with the first cruises to Papua New Guinea starting in April 2018.

Contact us for more information and reservations at or visit Master Liveaboards Website

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