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Picture of His Life movie

June 01, 2020 - 12:24
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The movie Picture of His Life is going to be available for online viewing on a pay-per-view basis on June 19.


The man at the center of the film is Amos Nachoum, an award-winning wildlife photographer and environmental activist, who has dedicated his life to photographing the world’s largest and most fearsome predators.

The goal of Amos’ work is to allow people to experience these animals in a way that highlights their natural beauty over their fearsomeness; often showing them in peaceful and serene moments.

Through his work, people have the power to see beyond their fears, connecting to the animals and developing a deeper respect and understanding for their true strength and beauty. As fear is replaced by understanding and appreciation, people become more motivated to protect these wonderful creatures and their habitats.

To show these large predators in a new light, he has managed to get remarkably close to them, giving an unrivaled intimacy to his extreme-close-up photographs of many of the world’s most fearsome animals: crocodiles, killer whales, anacondas, and great white sharks. There has always been, however, one major predator that had eluded him throughout his career—the polar bear.

For all his life, Amos always dreamed of swimming underwater with a polar bear and capturing it face-to-face on film, but when he tried to swim with a polar bear the first time, he barely escaped with his life. Now, in the film, we join him at the point where he has learned from his mistakes, he has grown and adapted, and he has determined that he will try once again.

The movie’s world premiere was on May 23rd, 2019 when it opened the prestigious Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival to a packed audience of 2,200 people. Everyone involved in the production of this film was deeply humbled by the audiences’ reaction to the movie; as the credits rolled at the end, the room erupted into a thunderous, deafening applause.

The film then went on to further warm the hearts of viewers throughout the course of the festival, earning a second-place finish out of 120 films in the Public Choice Competition. The film then went on to further successes and critical acclaim over the summer when it was shown at other film festivals and events.

To summarize, Picture of His Life is a highly engaging film, built on the foundation of a deep and compelling narrative, supported by gorgeous visuals and a rich soundtrack. Co-produced by US outfits Hey Jude Productions, Playmount Productions, and Israel's Yonatan Nir Films, it is a film the whole family would enjoy.

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