"Pushing the Envelope" exhibit at DEMA

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"Pushing the Envelope" exhibit at DEMA

October 27, 2016 - 18:51
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TekDive USA, in conjunction with X-Ray Magazine, presents a unique photographic exhibit celebrating the people, projects and technologies behind the “Technical Diving Revolution” (1986-1996).

Curated by aquaCORPS Journal founder Michael Menduno, "Pushing The Envelope" will feature nearly 300 images, maps, tables and quotes (circa 1986-1999) from the early days of technical diving.

Some of the expeditions included are the Andrea Doria, RMS Britannic, Diepolder, Doux De Coly, Edmund Fitzgerald, RMS Lusitania, Nacimiento Manté, USS Monitor, U-869 (”U-Who”), Twilight Zone, Yucatan, Wakulla Springs, and Zacatón.

On display are early tech trimix tables including Jim Bowden’s 1000-ft Zacatón table; a way-back with ex-NOAA director Dick Rutkowski’s original nitrox training facility, Hal Watts aka Mr. Scuba’s 40-fathom Grotto and the first U.S. technical diving training center at Key West Diver.

The exhibit also includes pictures of the first mix gas fill stations, early rebreather prototypes, a look into early tech diving fatalities and memorabilia, such as DEMA’s ban on nitrox, from back in the day.

In addition, Pushing The Envelope offers up tributes to tech’s patron saint Sheck Exley, u/w photographer Wes Skiles and decompression guru Dr. RW “Bill” Hamilton.