Rare 18th Century Sloop Discovered in Lake Ontario

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Rare 18th Century Sloop Discovered in Lake Ontario

August 18, 2016 - 22:33
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Shipwreck explorers Jim Kennard, Roger Pawlowski, and Roland Stevens discover yet a well preserved centuries okd wooden wreck in the Great Lakes.

Starboard side of the sloop Washington

The latest find, A rare 18th century built sloop identified as the Washington (also known as Lady Washington), has been discovered in Lake Ontario off the shores of Oswego, New York by the seasoned wreckhunters who are also the driving forces behind the portal ShipWreckWorld.com.

They write:
The sloop was enroute from Kingston, Ontario to Niagara, Ontario, Canada with a full cargo when it foundered during a gale on Lake Ontario in 1803. The Washington is believed to be the oldest confirmed commercial sailing ship to exist in the Great Lakes.


On the 6th of November, 1803 the sloop Washington sailed out of Kingston harbor on her final return trip to Niagara. On board were the crew consisting of Capt. Murray, Peter Bouville and John Neach along with several passengers including Niagara merchants John Dun and John Boyd. After their departure a severe storm developed on Lake Ontario. Sailing vessels arrived at Niagara and not finding the Washington assumed that she had made it to the port of Oswego. Soon afterwards ships coming from that port brought the news that several articles of cargo, pieces of wreckage and her yawl were found on shore near Oswego. There were no survivors.


The sunken sloop was discovered during a side scan sonar survey conducted in June off Oswego, New York. The team were fairly confident they've found the Washington but they had to wait for another three weeks before the conditions on the lake were better for imaging with the ROV and confirmation of the actual wreck. The video survey was conducted using a VideoRay Pro IV underwater remote operated vehicle.

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